Kyrie Irving claps back at all the "sh#t talkers" following Nets win over the Celtics

Back in the day, and by back in the day I mean as recently as when Ray Allen left the Celtics in 2012, you were allowed to criticize a former player or an opponent. Apparently in 2021, some Celtics fans hate any jokes about a Laker like LeBron James or a dude who quit on the Celtics and walked like Kyrie Irving. Weird times we're living in when Celtics fans on Twitter are being told to be nicer to guys like Kyrie or LeBron. You know because I'm sure those men don't get enough love from their own fans they need their rival fans to ball wash them as well. Strange time we are living in.

Tonight and this season as a whole playing next to Kevin Durant and/ or James Harden, Kyrie Irving looks like the All-NBA player he was back when he played next to LeBron James in Cleveland. After a few subpar years in Boston and Brooklyn as the leader of his teams, where those teams oddly had better records when he sat out injured, Kyrie is back on top.
As Sean Grande points out, Irving has a recurring habit of attracting negative attention when he could just sit back and receive adulation. Kyrie would disagree with that as I'm pretty sure he's used the word "genius" to describe himself. He's just a misunderstood genius supposedly. His critics will say he suffers from a serious case of "Thinks he's the smartest person in the room" syndrome.

No doubting Irving's basketball talent when he's focused. Could he lead his own team to a title? Probably not, but a lot of great players never led their teams to titles. Kendrick Perkins calls Kyrie the most talented player in the NBA if you're just talking basketball skills.

The crazy thing about the "let me show all the sh#t talkers that everyone loves me" hug video, Is that I just read an article today on SI where Adam Silver talked about the league reminding players of the mandate not to do the whole hug thing with the opposing team after a game because of COVID. Not sure if everyone got the second memo on that.

Also seemed odd that whomever runs the NBC Sports Celtics Twitter account seemed to be actually condoning going against the NBA's safety protocol, by giving props to Irving for the grand hug display. Might need to send the memo to him/her as well. Considering the long term effects of a COVID infection on your heart, breathing, etc, not sure why its necessary, a couple months prior to potentially having the U.S. vaccinated, or players take the needless risk of contracting the virus just so they can hug their opponents. There was actually a time when professional athletes weren't all buddy buddy with the competition while the season was going on.

We really don't know at this point in time how NBA players' full careers will be affected by a COVID infection. Jayson Tatum still doesn't have his breathing 100% back. And medical experts can't predict when or if he will be 100% (or of it could get worse). In related news, Romeo Langford was supposed to make his season debut tonight, but he's out for a bit longer for COVID safety protocol reasons.

So not all NBA fans in 2021 feel the need to praise their rival's players. Here was some of the initial reaction to Kyrie's clap back: