NBA's All-Coulda Been team

Some of the greatest basketball talents who could have been all-time NBA greats if not for serious injuries or tragedies.

  • NBA's All-Coulda Been team
  • Point guards: Penny Hardaway, Derrick Rose
  • Guards: Reggie Lewis, Brandon Roy, Drazen Petrovic
  • Forwards: Len Bias, Grant Hill
  • Bigs: Bill Walton, Ralph Sampson
  • These nine players in their primes would make quite a team. Even in today's modern NBA, they'd dominate. For the record I didn't think too hard on this, so I likely missed some key guys. Some players I omitted because despite having their primes shortened they still had a good stretch like T-Mac and Yao Ming. Arvydas Sabonis could be on there too, but he's kind of a special case being a player who played his prime overseas.

    Thought about Bernard King, but he came back to become an All-Star again in Washington. Heard stories of Andrew Toney, but he was a bit before my time. Guessing some of our older followers might have some good names from the 60's, 70's and early 80's.

    An NBA team can dress 13 players, so who would be your picks for the 4 remaining roster spots on the NBA's All-Coulda Been team?