Sharpe (accurately) calling O'Neal jealous of Jokic forces us all to have to hear Shaq rap again

Thought the days of having to hear Shaquille O'Neal rap were long gone. Back in 2008 following Kobe's Lakers falling to the Celtics in the NBA Finals and two years after the Diesel road Dwyane Wade's coattails to the big man's fourth championship title, he used the moment to rap to Kobe "Tell me how my ass tastes?" mocking Bryant not being able to win without him. Kobe would go on to lead the Lakers to two titles without Shaq and it seemed like O'Neal's lousy rapping days were over.

But that appears to not be the case. After Shaq embarassed himself telling Nikola Jokic than Shai Gilgeous-Alexander should have won the MVP and not him (in an interview with Jokic mind you), people rightfully called Shaq out for once again being jealous of another big man's success. For one reason or another Shaq was most upset at Shannon Sharpe who in his jealous accusation mentioned how Shaq would have won a lot more MVP's if he had a better work ethic.

Again this isn't some crazy new theory. As dominant as Shaq was in his prime, his work ethic wasn't the greatest and he let his physique go. He also spent a lot of time on being an entertainer and rapper in contrast to the gym rat that Kobe was. Well anyway, Shaq decided to respond to Sharpe using the played out comeback that you can't criticize anyone of you've had less success. And Shaq is higher ranked all-time NBA wise than Sharpe is NFL wise.

It's such a weak comeback that we've seen time and time again. But that was not all, Shaq also decided to release a little diss track. And here it is for your listening "delight."