Is there too much pressure on Jayson Tatum?

Stephen A. Smith and Michael Wilbon discuss on ESPN's NBA Counntdown whether people have put too mcuh pressure on Jayson Tatum to lead the Celtics to a championship this year. I'd argue that the 26 year old Tatum is in the prime of his career and it would be a slight on him if people didn't expect him to lead the Celtics to a championship. Tatum views himself as one of the top players in the NBA. I'm sure he expects to lead the Celtics to a title.

Now if the question is do fans and the media go way too hard on a player when they come up short of a title? Then that's an absolute yes. Stephen A. Smith included! If Porzingis doesn't return, or isn't himself and the Celtics fall in the NBA Finals, Tatum doesn't deserve the wrath he'll get.

If Tatum has a shitty Finals he definitely will deserve criticism though. Heavy is the head who wears the crown and if Tatum wants to be treated as an all-time elite player he does need to lead the Celtics to a title.

There's a reason why Patrick Ewing and Carmelo Anthony don't rank in anyone's top ten's. You have to win a ring. If the Celtics don't get it done this year the pressure will only get more intense.