Klay Thompson: "I've never been so excited to go to Boston"

Golden State Warriors guard and known profanity police/ protector of children's ears Klay Thompson will be returning to Boston this week for Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Thompson last night procalined, "I've never been so excited to go to Boston."

Thompson has yet to comment on the hypocricy of his statement disparaging Boston fans, when his own teammate Draymond Green has used profanity right next to his son. Maybe Thompson told Draymond that wasn't cool privately, but I doubt it.

If you want to listen to Klay's as well as several others full press conferences from last night, you can view them here:

For the record I find chants with profanity to be uncreative and lame. "Boston sucks" being the most uncreative and lamest. So I'm hoping TD Garden fans come up with something better than "F#ck Klay" tomorrow. Also I'm not sure who pointed it out, but someone brought up the fact that Boston fans used all their energy on Draymnond who's really just a bit player. if they really want to help the Celtics win, they'd be better served focusing on Steph Curry, than Draymond (or Klay).