Afternoon Delight: Rasheed Wallace petitions NBA to overturn 50 of his technicals citing "Draymond Green Rule"

Former Portland Trail Blazers, Detroit Pistons, and Boston Celtics big man Rasheed Wallace has petitioned the NBA to retroactively overturn 50 of his technical fouls and pay him back with interest earnings lost and fines accrued. Wallace through his attorney Simon Baldontli is using the new "Draymond Green Rule" as the precedent for this action.

In previous NBA seasons, a technical was a blown as a technical. And if you had a history of technicals, like Wallace, Dennis Rodman, and Ron Artest had, refs would be quicker to give them technicals as repeat offenders. Fines and suspensions were also higher. If players missed games due to hitting a technical threshold, they wouldn't get paid for said missed games.

But the new NBA Draymond Green Rule that took effect in June 2022 allows a player like Green, with the most notorious record of on court antics, to more or less do whatever he likes, so that he's not ejected. If Ime Udoka or Marcus Smart say "shoot," T them up! But if Green yanks Tatum's arm, refuses to leave the Celtics bench, messes with a Celtics player on the floor, or tell a ref to "Go F#ck himself," we mustn't T him up. And if he already has one technical the new rule states "Unless the opposing player dies as an immediate effect of Green's actions there will be no 2nd technical foul" so that he can continue playing and continue with his theatrics.

Rasheed Wallace and Simon Baldontli don't agree with this new selective officiating. Here's hoping that 'Sheed can recover his past lost income from when the NBA actually didn't allow players with bad tempers multiple extra mulligans. Fair is fair.

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