Thoughts on Klay Thompson and Steve Kerr calling out "classless" Boston fans

The TD Garden gave it to the Celtics villain of the NBA Finals Draymond Green last night. Steve Kerr and Klay Thompson both weren't fans of the "F#ck Draymond" chant and to be honest with you, I don't blame them. Boston fans have a solid history of getting under opposing players' skins and have had some great chants like "Darryl" for Darryl Strawberry and "Steroids" for Jose Canseco. Celtics wise, the Garden crowd gave it to Ralph Sampson back in the 1986 NBA Finals.

But with that said, I find chants that contain profanity to just be uncreative and lazy. Besides the whole kids thing in the crowd point, I just think "F#ck" chants are dumb. Same goes for when opposing teams' fans' "Boston Sucks!" chants. Also uncreative and dumb. Or when Red Sox fans used to chant "Yankees Suck" before 2004. Stupid. Now "Nomar's better" was a creative chant towards Derek Jeter.

Just my opinion here. Maybe yours is different.