New look coming soon

Just wanted to give a quick update to mention that as I'm sure you have have noticed we've been updating the look and template for the site after way too long. I believe the last time we changed templates was back in 2012. At that time all the blogs used the old school standard blog formats where they'd post part of the post on the home page and then eventually you'd see a "read more" link.

We changed in 2012 to the current format of an image thumbnail, a title, and a snippet, so the home page could have as many posts as one liked without loading as slow as Wally Szczerbiak. Needless to say, people revolted, since many don't like change, but as I'm sure you noticed within a few years all the other websites and blogs updated to that look. (Insert a "We were first!" here). Needless to say, like a car you've driven into the ground, after 8 plus years the template can't take us any further. It's making noises, the engine won't start all the time, the roof is leaking, etc.

At first it started with readers complaining that the comment section was all blacked out for them. But not for others. We could never figure out the cause. Sometimes it was worse on Chrome. Sometimes it only happened with certain writers. Who knows? Then there was the issue of no thumbnails. That turned into writing over the no thumbnail. That has turned into a smaller thumbnail on top of the missing thumbnail.

Also when we tried to upgrade to https a couple years ago, it caused the site to go super slow and more things not to work. So needless to say this new look is as much out of neccesity as it should eventually be an upgrade.

I attempted to work out all the kinks on some dummy blogs, but when I transitioned the template to Celtics Life finally on New Year's Eve, well let's just say it was a dumpster fire. Happy New Year to me. That's why the site was down for like half a day. Eventually we were able to get it to load properly, so it's in the construction phase now. This way people can still read the posts and chat in the shout box, while we work on the finished product.

For some reason comments worked on all the dummy blogs, but we're having issues here. I saw them all of a sudden appear on George's recap of the Celtics pitiful loss to the Pistons, but now I'm not seeing them. But yeah we're still having comments. And they should work amazingly once they are up. I also need to fix some of the formatting of the posts and some other stuff.

Also a friendly reminder, we are not owned by some big media company, and not to get too personal, but I am trying to handle some family stuff right now which is much more difficult due to the pandemic, so I can't just snap my fingers and have everything perfect in a day. Doing the best I can here with as much time as I can spare, so please be patient.

And once I get everything working that should be working then we can start to add some new stuff to the site.

Old template kept having more and more issues and was no longer workable. So working on the new template. What you see is not the finished product. In the meantime, please be patient and don't complain in the Shout Box or comments (once they are up) or wherever. Thank you and Happy New Year.