Video: Crowder and Payton get in scuffle; Morris says Jae has "female tendencies"

Well here we go again. Another brawl at the end of the game because one team decided to play hard to the end instead of following unwritten NBA rules. Now the Kansas State player's steal was bush league, but the Kansas player starting a fight over it was even more unnecessary. Last night we have the even odder occurrence where the Knicks got mad at Jae Crowder for daring to still play the game with 48 seconds left. What are they supposed to run out the clock twice so as not to hurt the Knicks' feelings?

Trust me I'm not a big fan of former Celtic Jae Crowder. He always seemed to be wining about something especially the Celtics and fan interest in Gordon Hayward. Then there was the contact on Hayward which led to his gruesome injury and basically derailed what should have been a great signing for Boston.

Next we have another former Celtic and "tough guy" Marcus Morris who decided to postgame say that Jae Crowder plays with "female tendencies," that he does a lot of girly things out there and this game is for men. Way to take a huge step back in this millennium Marcus. Morris to his credit (or forced by PR people) has since apologized for the "female tendencies" comments.

Morris if you recall also reneged on his contract with the Spurs this summer, so he really shouldn't comment on unwritten rules. One of the biggest is a verbal agreement during the moratorium is an agreement. Teams never back out and unless you're De'Andre Jordan, players don't either.

Can't say I agree with this take by Jay King. Don't miss Crowder or Morris at all. Beef in basketball in 2020 just means some pushing, name calling and technical fouls. I don't miss the drama that Crowder and Morris brought with them. I like the players we have. Sure we could use a legit big man, but chemistry wise we're much better off now.