Gronk for the Lakers??? Why Gronk??? Why???

Rob Gronkowski spotted in treacherous purple and gold at the Lakers game last night. Photo via Jayne Kamin-Oncea.  
Yesterday, rumors swirled around party animal, recent retiree, and New Egland Patriots all-time great Rob Gronkowski's return to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots just in time for their last few games before this year's playoff run.

In the last few days, the former tight-end teased a big announcement for yesterday morning in multiple forms and seemed to be having fun messing with the fans knowing that they were sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for his comeback. Well, Gronk's eventual announcement was far from rewarding for New England sports fans, because it was for a "Gronk Beach" party in Miami during Super Bowl 54 this winter.

Now, you may be wondering why this story is even on a specifically Celtics related blog site??? Well, it gets worse, much worse. Just mere hours later, Gronk made an appearance at the Staples Center for the Lakers vs. Thunder game last night. However, he was not just there in attendance, but instead for a "special" occasion.

In what I'm assuming was a filmed bit for The Late Late Show starring James Corden that we will see some time on his show in the near future, Gronk came out at halftime with Corden and famed tennis player Venus Williams to perform with the Lakers' cheerleaders on the court.

This is hard to watch, for various reasons. Obviously, seeing a Boston sports legend in the colors of one of our biggest rivals is troubling, but the timing of it all is even worse. Not only did Gronk semi-tease the Patriots fans for days before disappointing them yesterday morning, but he also did this whole Lakers thing as the Celtics are competing with L.A. for the top spot in the NBA for the first time in years.

All I can say for this is that at least it wasn't someone like Tom Brady or David Ortiz or heavens forbid Paul Pierce (although none of those guys would ever even entertain the thought of it). In order to try and help the situation, I'm just going to leave these here as a pallet cleanser.

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