Team chemistry will be a point of emphasis for the next version of the Boston Celtics

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown embrace for a hug | Photo courtesy of

No one is interested in talking about last season anymore. Let’s put that in the forgettable bank and move forward. Luckily for Boston Celtics fans, it seems as if the team is looking forward as well.

Sometimes team chemistry can be a bit overrated in sports. Talent will sometimes outweigh if guys actually like each other, but as we saw last season, the talented Celtics team ultimately failed due to team chemistry.

Semi Ojeleye has some good news:

And Kemba Walker’s goals are not about team or individual accomplishments, but he highlights something else:

How exciting will it be to watch a team that pulls for each other? This pulled on my heart strings:

I can't wait to love this team! Wait, I already do.