Kemba Walker: "Boston is perfect"

Kemba Walker all smiles in his Celtics jersey | Photo: Brian Babineau/2019 NBAE Getty Images

Kemba Walker discussed his decision to join the Boston Celtics at Media Day today. After watching the 1:10 minute clip my ears perked up when I heard "Boston is perfect." I mean, I know this as a guy who has grown up around Boston my whole life, but I love hearing athletes of the local teams buying into the city.

He mentions how the fit made a lot of sense due to the open need at point guard. This is why the made was made in heaven. Kemba also mentions the winning culture of the Boston Celtics franchise and how he wants to be parts of a consistent winner. All good things, but if that doesn't get you excited, check this out:

There's a lot of positives to take away from today, so I want to share it all. Since my Twitter is on fire, I think I'll drop a couple more Kemba-related stuff that gets me all warm and happy inside.

I think I'm going to go buy a Celtics jersey and sleep in it tonight, what about you?