Jayson Tatum has a new focus for this season and I co-sign

Jayson Tatum soaring to the rim | Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Throughout the off-season it was no secret that Jayson Tatum needed to adjust his approach a bit. It’s been highlighted on this blog that although Tatum didn’t exceed expectations last season, he didn’t have as bad a year as everyone thought. Even so, Boston Celtics fans want to see that leap to stardom sooner than later.

A lot of folks, myself included, have been screaming “no more long two’s!” from the rooftops. Well, Jayson Tatum, what is your focus for this upcoming season?

Beautiful! I can’t wait to see it in action. Tatum has a fluid offensive game where he can score from anywhere on the floor, but with more efficiency, he can hit the 20 points per game plateau while flirting with an All Star Game appearance.

I’m here for it!