ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski: Anthony-Davis-to-Boston is all about Championships and timing

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski didn't hold back. During a broadcast with Zach Lowe, Woj came right out with "Boston has been hawking Anthony Davis for years." He indicated he sees no realistic Championship hopes for the Pelicans, and ironically compared them to "KG (Kevin Garnett) and Minnesota at the end." And we all know how that worked out. But the timing all comes down to the Rose Rule.

Both Davis and Kyrie Irving are currently signed with their respective teams under the Rose Rule, and one team cannot have more than one player signed under the that rule. That will change when Irving signs a new deal with Boston.

Woj also commented on Kawhi Leonard passing on a supermax deal with the Spurs, and stated that The Brow may follow suit. He will most-likely be eligible for such a deal in the area of $235 million over five years. "If he (Davis) stays (with New Orleans), it's because of the money" was Woj's comment on one possibility, and added that if any such trade does take place. it will happen at the end of this season or the beginning of next season before the trade deadline.

Could we see another Kevin Garnett-type deal coming in the next year or so? KG made all the difference when he arrived in Boston, and I truly believe Danny Ainge sees similar possibilities in a Davis trade scenario - if he can pull one off without giving up too much in players and draft picks. Woj thinks the Pelicans can get better, but not to a level where they can compete for a Title. His comparison with the Timberwolves/Garnett situation may be a good one. Kevin has indicated he waited too long to move on from Minnesota. It may be time for AD to do so.

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Photo via Gerald Hebert/AP Photo