Watch: Kyrie joins 10k point club with 43-point win over Raptors

Getting a win over a conference rival like the Toronto Raptors is always a good night for the Boston Celtics.

Dropping 43 points to do it isn't too bad, either. Throw in eleven dishes, and we're bordering on a historic performance. What would take it over the top, you ask? How about all of that combining to be the game you pass into the 10,000 point club, and that is precisely what Kyrie Irving did last night.

While the Celtics are still working on playing their way into the best version of themselves they can be, last night, they had a bit of an off night save for a few. It didn't matter, though, even playing the conference-leading Raps, as Kyrie's offensive explosion carried the day.

Watch the video above for all the high points of Irving's historic night - and make sure you have time, because there's a lot of them.

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Image, videos; Boston Celtics/Tomasz Kordylewski
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