Green Envy: What Raptors fans said - 11/16/18

Kyrie Irving went full Uncle Drew on the Toronto Raptors last night, dropping a season high 43 points as he pulled out all the tricks en route to a Celtics overtime victory. Of course, the fans up North had plenty of reasons why the Rap's took the L (well, three reasons for the most part), while some of them are already getting that dread feeling that just maaaybe this Toronto team will pan out just like last year's squad. Nonetheless, if these two teams are on a collision course for the Eastern Conference Finals I'll be calling my doctor to preemptively get myself on some high-blood pressure meds.

Top Three:

Looks like ima burn all my weed to calm my shit down

The NBA, ESPN, Refs, Celtics and their fans hate us

JV and Banes look like viking bros

Excuses, Excuses:

Forget it. We not winning against the refs tonight

We lost to the refs not boston

It's legit rigged

Phantom fouls are back on the menu

refs got me saltier than the dead sea

Well I guess every team is going to have their best shooting games of the year against us...

Clotheslining is ok guys relax.


8 on 5 tonight

thats it the refs won.

Jayson "Liu Kang" Tatum:

Tatum hit Kyle with a flying knee wtf

Tatum with natural defending motion there

lowry ate the knee like applesauce, holy shit.

I thought Cobra Kai season 2 doesn't come out until 2019?

can already see swelling on lowry's cheek

Kneed him straight in his dome piece

flagrant 1? flying knee to the head?

Tatum with natural defending motion there

Remember during the vince carter era, someone fouled like that, than Oakley would commit the same foul later in the game on their star player? I miss those days...

Full Slate:

Celtics fans are *effing* insufferable.
Biggest pile of trash in the NBA.

Why is Boston's crowd so hostile and shitty to listen to like damn

this needs to be our statement game

call him Serge "Literally Kareem Abdul Jabbar" Ibaka.

We literally look how the celtics have been all season and they look like how we did during that 11-1 stretch

Serge Ibaka used to get my hate. Now you get my love. Fred gets my hate now

Dude Fred's been watching too much Iverson

Fred needs a slap in the nuts.

whats the point of having 2/3 playmakers on the court if freddy is just going to dribble most of the possession

Fred the new norm. Gets his money and becomes doodoo

Man I wish we had Oakley today to teach that Marcus Smart something. Hate that boi, so annoying.

Danny sent Smart to the shadow realm

Seems like the Celtics getting wide open mid rangers just about every position


i miss our bench mob

Serge please stay in for the whole 4th. Or sub in moose

Wow Kyrie must be Spiderman in disguise to hold on to the ball like that against the Klaw.

Kyrie making a million circus shots is literally the only reason they’re in this.

Can't even hate; Kyrie playing like a superstar.

I’m clenched af


this game has taken years off my life

These last couple games feel like how the Raps played last season.

as much as i want raptors win, this game is so exciting tho that it already feels like its the ECF.

These two teams in a series is going to give me a stroke

I haven't been shitting my pants and throwing my remotes around the room like this since last season. I hate this feeling but I love it. Hell of a game.

Did we peak too soon?

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