The NBA thus far this season - image worth a thousand words

This graph actually is a picture of the NBA after 103 games played this season. A small sample - granted - but worth a quick look.

To simplify, teams to the far right are strong offensively. Teams at the very top are strong on the defensive end. The ultimate goal is to be at the upper-right corner.

The first thing to look at is the far right. That's where the Warriors sit - tops in Offensive Rating, but only average on defense. The Celtics? Through the roof on defense and in the cellar on offense. Hornets, Raptors and Blazers? Good offense but mediocre defense.

The Celtics next opponent, the Bucks? Terrific offense and good defense. Where do the Rockets, Wizards and Suns sit on the chart? As the tweet indicates, they are in "yuck". They are not very good in either category - offense or defense.

Where would we like to see the Celtics logo move on the chart as the season progresses? Keep it right at the top (defense) and gradually move to the right (offense). We need to get that offense right! As I wrote, the image is worth a thousand words. Mine are done.

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Photo via Michael Dwyer/Boston Herald