CL Pod 80: The Cs are back in the saddle, the Sox won a chip & more

The Boston Celtics are back on their game, and while they have some kinks left to work out, the team we expected to be watching this season is showing up, and it's noticeable.

And it's not just the Celtics who are looking good, with the Boston Red Sox having just won a World Series, and the Celts will face the league's last remaining undefeated team, the Milwaukee Bucks, on Thursday for what will likely be the team's biggest test of the season to date.

This week, Mark Allison and Justin Quinn get into all these issues and more, ranging from cannabis' future as medicine in the league to Tyronn Lue's firing from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Robert Williams' surprising early development, and even a cameo by the Evil Emperor himself.

We had some technical issues with this week's pod, but cleaned it up as best we could, making it a little shorter than usual. If you prefer a shorter pod, let us know - we can keep it in our usual 30-45 minute range if you like, but a concise version is on the table if you prefer the shorter format.

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