Kyrie Irving on a roll as Uncle Drew & a bit of Marcus Smart & Dave Cowens

As if Kyrie Irving's 31 points, five rebounds and five assists weren't enough in Boston's 108-105 win over the Detroit Pistons. His Uncle Drew moves draw a lot of attention from opponents, but we didn't expect the Marcus Smart/Dave Cowens routine. I think we all cringed at that play.

With 10 seconds left in the game and Boston leading by a 105-102 score, it was no surprise to see Marcus Smart dive for a loose ball. It squirted loose - and here comes Kyrie trying his best to relive one of the best hustle plays in Celtics history - Dave Cowens racing Oscar Robertson for a loose ball - going to the floor for it - and then sliding to a stop in possession. On the play last night, we all held our breath, but Kyrie came up with it and looked okay.

Somebody please enlighten me if they have seen Irving do that in the past. But it is still his magician act as Uncle Drew that draws the cheers from the crowd. Irving just gets so much attention from the opposing defense with his razzle-dazzle moves. This was one. Notice the crowd response (per Aron Baynes via NBA):

"He becomes such a target for the defense, five eyes on him every time he has the ball and he’s been great at making the right play and getting other guys open shots as well.”

Kyrie simply drives the opposition nuts. They never know what he will do. His game has really come alive.

NOTE: Our readers may want to get involved with our CelticsLife Race-to-the-Title contest. We are only one game into it, and it is far from too late. Just hit the link to my article and send in your estimate of combined points and assists for Kyrie Irving in Thursday's upcoming game against the Bucks. Just another way to get deeply involved in what very likely could be a memorable season.

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Photo via Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images