Initial results - CelticsLife Race-to-the-Title - Join in

Our CelticsLife Race-to-the-Title contest got off to a great start. For our first game last night, our readers via the comment section were asked how many points would the Pistons Blake Griffin score in the game. Well, he notched 24 points, and we have the win/place/show winners below.

Win: 24 points - forever_green and daddiorick

Place: Andre Moriera Lima (25) and Michael Costa (23)

Show: CelticsKY (22), Dylan Dobson (22) and Red Brooks (22)

Our next game is on Thursday, November 1, 2018 against the Milwaukee Bucks. Kyrie Irving is starting to take off, and he will be the focus. We are looking for his combined points/assists number. Just take a shot at how many points he scores and add it to the number of assists you expect from him, and that is the number.

Tip off is at 8:00 PM ET, and all submissions and later edits must be in by 6:00 PM ET on Thursday. So send in your best hunch - edit it if you wish - but have it all done by 6:00 PM ET.

Great to see we had seven readers right on the money or only one point off. Thanks to everyone that contributed, and stay with us. Join in if you haven't already done so, and send your submission to our CelticsLife comment section. Comments are not required with the number, but are encouraged.

Ranking Name Points
1 Forever_green 3
1 Daddiorick 3
2 Andre Moreira Lima 2
2 Michael Costa) 2
3 CelticsKY 1
3 Dylan Dobson 1
3 Red Brooks 1
4 Old Dog (went with 26 – only 2 off) 0
5 Abacus Revealed (had 21 – only 3 off) 0
6 Afonso Moucho (went with 20 – only 4 off) 0

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Photo via David J. Philip/AP