Green Envy: What Pistons fans said - 10/30/18

For the second time in the last few days, the Boston Celtics faced off against the Detroit Pistons --this time on our home turf. After the pummeling the Pistons took, being down by as much as 26 points at one point, I'm sure we all expected Detroit to show some pride tonight. And they did.

Throughout this still-way-too-young season, pundits and fans alike have questioned whether Kyrie was taking a backseat, dishing to his desire, or if he was really off his game? Well, 31 points later, he answered that question.

Piston fans were undoubtedly cursing Kyrie's name today. What else were they saying?


The other night was a fluke - we got this!

Motor City about to run over these leprechauns.

Blake gonna go Blake on 'em!


Tatum is overrated.

OK, maybe he's pretty good.

Did Baynes ever make a 3 for us?

We're just gonna pretend Kyrie didn't push Reggie? 

So "Man Bun" Baynes is a stud all of a sudden? 

"Beats by 'Dre" dominating these greenies as usual.

God, I hate Marcus Smart. (I wish we had him.)

There you go - show 'em why we were undefeated.

Wait, we were actually undefeated?

OK, I hate the other Marcus too. Anyone wanna guard him?

No blowout tonight - let's go Big D!

Morris Sr.? Looks like Morris Jr. could get buckets on us too.

Big D? More like "No D" - am i right?

The zebras are running wild - you're killing me, blue!

Yo, Ish is the ish - get that man more PT!

Guess Blake's just gonna run the point since no one else can. Fine by me.

Not sure how that was a foul on Brown there, but Blake sold it. Still has them Hollywood acting skills, I see.

27 whistles in the first half? Refs: you the real MVP!

Reggie! Reggie! Reggie!

Awfully quiet in Boston right now? (high-5 emoji) 

Pistons up a deuce at the break. Celtics suck!


That's right redheaded-guy-who's-last-name-I-can't-say: Blake IS playing "bully ball."

Think both teams still think it's halftime.

Drummond is as good a rebounder as he is bad at free throws.

Hey, Detroit. Feel free to stop someone.

Horford can dunk?

Please, someone mess Hayward's perfect hair up.

Nice 10-0 run, Detroit. Feel free to play D again.

OK, this Tatum kid is pretty good.

The refs are gonna turn this into a 6-hour game. Let them play!

Smart is like half of Blake's size but somehow stops him?

Nice to see Kyrie found his groove against us. Great.

OK, we need some Isiah Thomas. Can he still play?

What bout Laimbeer? I'm sure he can still foul people.

Sorry, but how are we down 13 again? Oh yeah, nevermind.

I hate the Celtics so much.

Why the hell is Calderon in there?

Pretty sure Brown has 15 fouls and the refs stopped counting.

I'm having to stream the Boston feed. This Tommy guy is on one.

Calder-- air ball. Please retire.

Get the Blake outta here! (see what I did there?)

That was offensive goaltending! Thanks for the 2, blue! HAHA

Come on, D - only a 1 point game!

OK, so much for that lead.

B-B-Bullock! Clutch triples.

Ishhhhhhhhhhhhh! Let's go!

F****** Smart! Damn it.

Thanks to Blake's s*** pass to Ish, we're gonna lose this.

Go back to LA, Blake!


Oh no - we suck again!

We got swept by these leprechauns. Again.

Wait, how was Casey Coach of the Year again?

We were playing 7-on-5 most of the night and still lost?

Well, that was fun. The Celtics, aside from a 6-minute scoring drought that could've cost them the game, wrapped things up in Beantown and are now 5-2 on the year.

What were Pistons fans around you saying? Any stellar sound bytes from Celtics faithful? 
Let us know in the comments below.

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