Green Envy: What Pistons fans said - 10/28/18

The Celtics went into Detroit to face the undefeated Pistons and, well...they exposed a team that's maybe been overachieving just a smidge to start the year. Pistons fans were torn over what was going to happen tonight pregame, but for those that were confused the Celtics quickly made it evident that these two teams are not in the same class.

Top Three:

Ladies and gentlemen, here is what you have when the Pistons play a good, healthy team.

Back to Red Dead I go...

Well we won the 3rd quarter tonight. No one can take that away from us!

Early Optimism:

Blake finna go for 60 tonight. Etch it in stone.

get ready for the stanley johnson 50 point game boys

I really think we have the worst back court D in the league, I fear for this game

Stanley prove u ain't a bust tonight!

playing a team that's actually good and at full strength is really exposing us

We have terrible back court D, 4 back court players in a lineup is going to shoot 70%+ against us.

Well boys, it’s not looking good

I’m turning this off.

Full Slate:

I think Blake’s chakra is exhausted from the first 4 games

Is the offensive gameplan to chuck up 3s?

They just can’t miss.

I thought the Celtics weren't as good this year since kyrie and Gordon don't look the same

who is this no. 7?

This announcer for the Celtics is not getting any of the names right..

This ain’t fun to watch at all but I’ll fight through it

Ish must have some sort of 3-pt shot fouling fetish. That dude just can’t resist fouling on those

We're not making threes... so the solution is to obviously jack up more threes.

Not even mad about the performance thus far. You can’t compete if you can’t make a play without a whistle or get one to save your life.

our coach about to choke refs down

Our jerseys suck

Andre's just like this giant out there like wut I'm doing wrong?! 😂

Your opponent has left the match

Well the league doesn’t want the pistons at 5-0.

I don’t like to bitch about the refs, but Blake is getting mugged under there.

Boston fans get to see the World Series AND Blake Griffin play their team tonight. What a treat!

We are getting rocked and no calls where on the other side are giving boston a bunch of touch fouls

Stanley Johnson is our only source of offense. I repeat, Stanley Johnson is our only source of offense.

This is what a good defense will do: double Blake, and let Detroit’s lack of perimeter shooters sink the team.

When Blake Griffin is being mauled there’s no foul call but when Andre barely skims Kyrie it’s a litany of whistles

This is an important lesson early in the season. A good team has us figured out.

They weren't even beating up on the bad/average teams, this shouldn't be that shocking.

Theis murked us last year too I recall

Offense is struggling. Solution is to post up the worst post player in the league. Way to go, Casey.

This physicality is getting to Griffin's head. Please don't give other teams the blueprints to beating us, Celtics.

Whelp, same below average pistons. Figured as much based on their schedule so far.

Stanley and Drummond are the only players with more than 5 points. Yikes

Walking into this game after skipping the first half:


-35 when Blake and Andre are on the floor

why do we just play 1v1 the whole time? i thought we got rid of SVG

Funny now that we’re 20 points behind they all of a sudden want to blow a bunch of whistles in our favor. FOH

Yo i just got off work what happened to blake the box score nasty

This Theis dude has career games every time he faces us smh

We probably lose this game either way but man THESE REFS ARE GARBANZO BEANS

I forgot about our human white flag, Henry Ellenson

Seeing Ellenson brick that backdoor layup made watching this game worthwhile. What a hoot.

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