CelticsLife readers got what they wanted in Rob Williams - they voted for him

Our CelticsLife readers got what they wanted with the 27th pick in the 2018 NBA draft. Those that participated in my two April Twitter polls, voted for a big over a ball-handler or wing. They also voted for a rebounder/rim protector over a shooter, defender or distributor. Well, we all got what we wanted, but who the hell knew the pick would be Rob Williams?

I never profiled Williams in my articles. Why bother? He was supposed to be gone long before the #27 Celtics pick. I covered the draft that night for CelticsLife, and I was amazed that I was not hearing his name called after the lottery picks had all gone down.

It is starting to look like a lot of NBA GM's will be regretting their first-round choices. Williams is where he should be - on a team loaded with talent where there is little pressure to succeed right away. Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens are bringing him along slowly, and he is responding beautifully to his limited floor time. So our readers and Twitter followers got what they wanted - a big, long, rebounder-rim protector in the person of Rob Williams. Expect to see a lot perimeter and under-the-hoop blocks, and a good amount of Rob-Lobs. Looks damn good for a 27th pick.

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Photo via Gerry Broome/AP