After losing their best player and season's first six games , Cavaliers fire Ty Lue

How much can a guy take? The Cavaliers', and the world's, best player bolts for greener, or warmer, pastures and in Lebron James wake, Cleveland drops its first six games of the season. Now coach Tyronne Lue has been fired.

NBA fans have come to expect this. Coaches seem to play a version of musical chairs, and they never know when the tune will end. Lue's time with the Cavs is finished.

Ty's farewell statement says all the right things, but at ground-level, he must be devastated. My main reaction here is the timing of the move. What did the front office think - that the team would go undefeated to start the new season? Losing a player of Lebron's talent means almost starting over to plot new strategies. Tyronne will find another niche, although a couple of weeks into the season will make it more difficult. We wish him well.

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Photo via NBAE via Getty Images