Kyrie Irving's playing it cool this season

Kyrie Irving had an interesting statistical night on the 27th against the Pistons, playing only 23 minutes while accumulating only three points.

Irving managed to impact the game in other ways, however, dishing the ball five times while grabbing seven boards.

Ultimately, his plus/minus came out to +13. He was doing something right.

When asked by the media about the game, Kyrie kept the focus on the team rather than his individual performance.
"Going from being stat-dominated, then coming to this kind of environment, the best thing is to care about the team."

Kyrie also states that his quote for this season is "Be cool". Irving seems to be maturing as he leads the Boston Celtics, finally away from LeBron James' enormous shadow. His focus is purely on the team, and I think that Brad Stevens gets more opportunity to experiment with lineups and strategies as a result.

Uncle Drew also stated,
"It's easy to go back and be selfish and care about the outside world and what they want you to do, but its even harder to learn on a day-to-day basis of how to be a better teammate and a better player."

The C's have seemed to adopt a strong team mentality this season, each player ready to step up and do what is necessary for the team to win. Kyrie is the catalyst of this mentality, and I think that his cool, calm demeanor as a leader will help this team immensely.

Photo: Matt West/Boston Herald