Watch: Red on Roundball Redux #6 - Defending Guards

After a short break filled with some actual NBA news, we decided to bring you back some more Red On Roundball, the classic series of explainer videos created to educate the basketball masses by legendary coach and general manager of the Boston Celtics, Red Auerbach.

Previous iterations we've posted focus on offensive maneuvers like the alley-oop, defensive methods like boxing out, and even a little holistic stuff, like coaching. This instance takes the defensive route, breaking down how Red trained his teams to defend guards.

As he'd done in all his video series, Auerbach recruited some of the games biggest names of the time to help him demonstrate these lessons, and not just those on the Celts.This particular video features two New York Knicks, Bernard King and Darrell Walker, as they demonstrate how to put the clamps on an opposing team's backcourt.

Watch the video above for a look at Red's idea of guard defense, and rest a little easier knowing we're just 64 days from the regular season.

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Video: Boston Celtics/crudalex/YouTube
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