Jaylen Brown confident of Celtics making it to 2019 NBA Finals

After giving Cleveland Cavaliers a tough fight and pushing them to 7 games in the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals, it doesn’t come as a surprise why many people are talking about Boston Celtics being the favorites to come from the East in the 2018-19 season. Many talk about them in the same context as an age-old beer, like the American Budweiser, which is getting better with every passing year! The team has a young core consisting of Terry Rozier, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, all of whom are expected to perform well, while the All-Stars Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving will return to a roster that already has a deep bench, apart from Brad Stevens, one of the best coaches in the league.

Brown and everyone is pumped up about Celtics chances

Fans and bookmakers are highly confident about Boston Celtics chances in 2018-19, and the same goes for Jaylen Brown. Making an appearance on CJ McCollum’s (the Trail Blazers star) podcast ‘Pull Up,’ Brown didn’t hold back his sentiments when questioned about Boston’s championship chances this season. He said, “Oh, we're getting to the Finals. No question about it. I hate how everyone's like, 'LeBron's gone in the East.' I know he did have a stronghold on the East for the past seven years but he barely got up out of there this year. Our mindset was like, 'He's not beating us again.' That's what our mindset was. We had a bunch of young guys who could really play and we didn't back down from nobody.”

Easy road ahead?

The road out of the East seems much easier for Boston Celtics now considering the fact that Lebron James is no longer with Cleveland and is expected to join the Los Angeles Lakers. However, Jaylen Brown clarified that his prediction about Boston Celtics for this season isn’t based on James’ departure. And that Celtics would have won even if he was around. Brown who successfully lifted his score from a mere 6.6 points per game to an impressive 14.5 in the 2017-18 season had played an important role in Boston Celtics rise to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2018, which they eventually lost to Cavaliers. Brown averaged 18 PPG through the 18 postseason matchups.

What matters is that you come out and play

Although everyone is pinning their hopes on Tatum and Brown who are expected to play key roles for the Celtics in 18-19 season, Brown warned and made a note that predictions often go haywire once the regular season gets underway. He clarified that it doesn’t really matter if Boston Celtics are the favorites in the East, or are being predicted to open all 10 games, what really matters is that you come out and play. Nobody cares about the rest. It’s worth noting that Jaylen Brown got an impressive 84 rating for the NBA 2K19 video game, which is a major feat. He said that Irving called them immediately after the rating announcement, but he really didn’t care much about it. Kyrie Irving on the other hand was pretty pumped up!