Marcus Smart's block on Lebron James best-of-the-year for Boston

This is one of those many winning plays that Marcus Smart makes time-and-time again. Even though Cleveland still scored on a put-back, the play by Marcus on Lebron James was spectacular!

When you look at the video of the block below, watch for two things. First of all, notice the infamous brace on Marcus' right hand. Call it reckless if you wish, but Smart gave no thought to his previous hand injury and subsequent surgery. Getting that repaired hand jammed against the steel rim could have been disastrous.

Secondly, look how high he gets up. His leaping ability and timing (did I mention fearlessness?) are perfect. So this block gets Dan Greenberg's best-block-of-the-year by a Celtics player.

Let's face it - Marcus simply makes plays that most other players cannot - or will not - attempt. That is part of what makes him so valuable to the Boston Celtics.

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Photo via YouTube
Video via PHP