Danny Ainge jokes at Jaylen Brown - Celtics are loose & ready to begin season

Celtics exec Danny Ainge has never lost that wise guy persona that he possessed as a player. We still see signs of it from time to time

Danny wouldn't be Danny without it. Here is the latest. Second-year man, Jaylen Brown, is having a busy summer and decided to tickle the ivories on an outdoor piano to pass some time. Danny was not going to let this one go and promptly responded with "I hope this helps your handles".

This is a definite sign that the Celtics, top to bottom, are loose and ready to begin the season. I watched once again the video of Jaylen Brown whispering to Kyrie Irving, "I'm sick of you." If you watch the whole episode, you can see Brown preparing to get Kyrie going. It is hilarious.

I love this type of humor within a group. We have all been there - with a team, company, family or group - when everything seems to be going right - everybody is loose - and jokes of this nature work nicely.

Right! Absolutely ruthless. And funny as hell. Try joking like this on an embattled, struggling NBA team, such as (fill in blank). Boston seems ready to begin the season right now.

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Photo via Frank O'Brien/The Boston Globe
Video via ESPN