Danny Ainge keeping an eye on Duke, having 3-of-5 potential top 2019 draft picks

Cameron Reddish, R. J. Barrett and Zion Williamson are all incoming freshmen at Duke this season, and we may see them as one-and-dones taken in the top-5 of the 2019 NBA draft.

Zion is the wild card here. No one frankly has a good handle on him or how (or where) he will fit in the modern NBA. The same was said of Charles Barkley, and he certainly had a fine and complete (excepting a Title) career. Williamson is currently listed at 6'7" and a whopping 285 pounds. He is known for carrying, and handling, that weight very well indeed. You be the judge.

Reddish, Barrett and Williamson are all listed at 6'7" and are projected as wings in the NBA. Reddish has a 7'1" wingspan - is extremely talented - but there are questions on his consistent motor. I saw both R. J. and Zion at last year's Beach Ball Classic in Myrtle Beach, SC, and Barrett was sensational. Williamson did not play due to injury, but he did a lot of PR and was well-received. He needs to develop a jump shot during the course of this season. The video below shows the Duke recruits during a July practice.

The Celtics hold the #1-protected draft pick of either the 76'ers or Kings and could very well end up taking one of these three players in the top tier of the lottery via the Sacramento Kings. And there is always the ever-present chance that Danny Ainge may decide to trade that coveted pick - no real shocker there. The coming year will be exciting for Boston fans.

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Photo via Kevin Cox/Getty Images
Video via Duke Basketball