Greg Monroe to sign with the Boston Celtics, per Woj

We got him, y'all.
Greg Monroe has reportedly decided to sign with the Boston Celtics, choosing a chance at a ring over playing for his home-town team, the New Orleans Pelicans and several other suitors. Monroe will sign a one-year, $5 million-dollar deal instead of the $2.2 million offer New Orleans could provide, turning down a chance to start in place of the recently-injured DeMarcus Cousins.

It seems likely the current lack of cap space around the league may have played a factor, as with so many teams having no money to offer the upcoming crop of free agents that playing time would be unlikely to factor significantly given how little money is likely to be had for anyone but the league's very best free agents.

Now, Boston turns its attention to integrating Moose into the Celtic system, and perhaps also to pick up a second scoring option - perhaps with the ability to space the floor, as Lou Williams or Tyreke Evans could provide - as they seem to have found the piece they need to make an NBA Finals push this season.

More news shortly on this developing story.

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