Cup of Joe. The Celtics could end tonight in 7th place in the east

YOUR Boston Celtics could end the night in 7th place

Just a half game out, YOUR Boston Celtics could finish tonight in sole possession of the highly coveted 7th spot in the Eastern conference if they can fend off the not-as-terrible-as-you-might-think Philadelphia 76ers.

7. Pacers 30-35 -
8. Hornets 29-35 -
9. Heat 29-36 .5
9. Celtics 29-36 .5

Phi @ Bos
Tor @ Ind
Cle @ Mia
Cha @ Utah
Source: Sean Grande's twitter

Isaiah Thomas' status at this point is unknown, however, if you do a search for his name on twitter, you'll see a whole mess of popup ads for 'Fast and the Furious 7'. So that's pretty awesome?

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Vintage WTHHT: What the Hell Happened to... Kelvin Upshaw
authored by Tb727

He was a lightning quick guard that played for the Celtics in the late 80s. The first time I saw Dee Brown play a game I thought he looked a hell of a lot like this guy. Back during that time I always wondered if Dirk Minniefield and this guy were truly the best available options to sign as backup point guards. If you followed the Celtics in the late 80s, you absolutely remember Kelvin Upshaw.

Kelvin attended the University of Utah where he had a successful but bizarre college career. Bizarre in the sense that he was the team's best player but the coach didn't start him his senior year. After averaging nearly 20 points a game his junior year at the University of Utah, Upshaw was replaced in the starting lineup by sophomore Gale Gondrezick, who had been promised the spot by Coach Lynn Archibald when he was recruited. (WTHHT Gale Gondrezick lol? Looks like he's the Distribution Manager at Diversey in Salt Lake City). Really can you think of another instance where this took place? If Gondrezick was a sophomore, why couldn't he just start his junior and senior seasons, ya know, when Kelvin was gone? Must be an impressive story for Gondrezick to talk about how he started ahead of a former NBA guard.

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