The Kyrie Irving - Lebron James battle continues in Clutch Time

In case someone missed it, Kyrie Irving and LeBron James are determined competitors, particularly with the game on the line. Kyrie just slipped in front of Lebron for most points in Clutch Time. But it is close.

What is interesting is that both players have been in 19 clutch-time games and their teams have identical 14-and-5 records for those 19 games. Their clutch field goal percentages are very similar, with Irving at 56.1% and James at 56.9%. Same on 3-pointers. Kyrie is at 34.8% and Lebron at 35.0%.

Looking at the Clutch Time stats, you can't miss Jayson Tatum's percentages. He is shooting a blistering 66.7% on field goals, 75.0% on threes and 100% from the foul line. Well, we knew coming in that he was a shooter, but this good at the end of tight games? And a rookie.

Don't think for a moment that Irving and The King are not in competition in every way. The Celtics and Cavs could very well meet in the Eastern Conference Finals. Picture this. The final and deciding game in the Eastern Finals between the two rival teams in the final five minutes with five points or less separating them on the scoreboard. The Bus Driver versus The King. I can hardly wait.

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Photo via Michael Perez/AP Photo