T-Ro steals the ball - two versions of great play by Terry Rozier

Game-winning steals that take place in the final seconds of close games have to be some of the most exciting plays in professional basketball. Terry Rozier's gem of a theft against the Indiana Pacers was such a play. This was not a playoff game, so it won't go into the archives with the classic larcenies by John Havlicek, Larry Bird or Gerald Henderson, but it was terrific none the less. Here are the Indiana announcers at the end of the game:

The "Oh no - no!" just before the steal as the ball hung in the air is priceless. The announcer knew what was coming. And it did. "The ball stayed in the air" was repeated a few times, and the ball did just that. It hung there waiting to be snatched. The ball begged to be stolen, which is what Terry did. Now here is the tame version from the Celtics announcers:

Actually, both versions are rather tame compared to Johnny Most's verbal description of John Havicek's classic play. Johnny, we miss you!

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Photo via Stuart Cahill/The Boston Herald
Havlicek video via paderox