Green Envy: What Nuggets fans said - 12/13/17

Defense was hard to come by in a 124-118 Celtics win over the Denver Nuggets Wednesday night. The C's shot a season high 59% from the field and managed to bounce back from a blowout loss on Monday night at the hands of the Bulls. The Nuggets fans weren't exceptionally salty after being handed the loss last night. It seems they kinda know their place.

Top Three:

One of the worst road teams in the league vs the best home team in the league
So you're saying there's a chance?

I'd let Gary do hot yoga with my girl

Who's this white dude #46? Son of Scal?

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Got a good feeling about this one! We gonna win! Its not gonna start good for us, but stay tuned because we will win this game!

Jokic is back!!!


The Nuggets are about to go Hahd in the paint. LETS GET IT.
No one commented on my "TD Gahden - Bahston, MA" joke

I have an unhealthy amount of hatred for dabbing kids at basketball games.

Jamal Murray over/under 70pts?

Trey Lyles is my spirit animal


Lyles just ended Tatums career. My god.

Damn. Starting out hot af

juancho off the bench! i was afraid that he had banged malone's wife by his lack of minutes

Juancho could be the spahk we need to blow this game wide open.

What’s up with Faried getting offensive rebounds and missing the follow up shot. 4 o rebounds 4 misses

Juancho is looking unplayable on defence. Doesn't look like he knows where he is.

Jaylen Brown is wicked Smaht. Have him spell Jokic now.

That 0-foot shot proving to be a real tough one for Kenneth.

Tatum is so smooth for a rookie.
It speaks volumes how effortlessly the Celtics inserted him into the starting lineup

Coach get some new dudes in there

Hey let’s just do the first 10 minutes again.

Mason "Literally Shaquille O'Neal" Plumlee

I'm pretty sure unless your name is LeBron James, chase down blocks are illegal

the NBA is holding the Plumdog back

baynes... stahp

gatdam! PlumShaq in da hizzy!

Kyrie could sock someone in the nuts and walk away without a foul.

Anyone else noticed celtics and nuggets players picking each other up a lot in this game? I almost never see someone help pick up an opposing player in other games.
I love that. I mean, fuck the Celtics, but this is nice

Marcus smart is one of the absolute worst 3pt shooters in the NBA why are we jumping out at him so hard

Totally OK with this half. Boston's the best team in the league atm

We just dropped 59 on the leagues best defense without jokic which is promising

Before yall lynch Malone remember who we are playing and who we are playing without

Man, wtf. Why does Chandler always look like his dog just died??


Hayward's injury is something I never want to have to see again

Jesus, why are they showing us this

It's Uncle Drew's fault he's wearing blue shoes with Boston Celtics gear

Smart can't shoot

"Not that he's bad but he's 29%" LMFAO

the Boston Celtics have male cheerleaders.

Gary Harris with no regard for human life.

Regardless how this 4th quarter goes, the fact that were hanging with Boston w/O Barton Jokic and Milsap is impressive


rally scarf! lets go!

Wow, Kyrie just trucked Jamal...

Kyrie should've fouled out by now wtf

Refs gave up on calling fouls three minutes ago

damn gary that was contortional

Murray and Harris are trying to push and Chandler just stops the ball.

Plumlee with the filthy Euro lmaooooo

God dammit plumlee you get that block and then do that Shit Jesus Christ

What was that defense? If you can even call it that.

Covered the spread

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