Gordon Hayward walking pretty normally at hospital Christmas party

A number of Celtics went to Boston's Children's Hospital to spread good will and cheer the kids up. That is more than enough to cheer the rest of us up just by what the group did and why they did it. But there is even more joy in it. Gordon Hayward was there and was walking quite normally, considering he just shed the cast.

There is more good news. Casts for this type of ankle fracture are normally in place for immobilization purposes for 6-12 weeks. Gordon got rid of his in roughly eight weeks. Walking on it without the aid of crutches puts controlled stress on the ankle joint and starts the process of restoring lost muscle and mobility in the joint. Here is some research information on rehab via NCBI's C. Christine Lin et al:

Physiotherapists often contribute to the rehabilitation of ankle fracture, which typically starts soon after the period of immobilization. Due to effects of the fracture and the subsequent immobilization, most people experience pain, swelling, stiffness, muscle atrophy and decreased muscle torque at the ankle following cast removal. Consequently, they complain of limitations in activities involving the lower limb, such as stair climbing and walking, and reduced participation in work and recreation.

Don't get too excited about this, but it looks like Gordon is ahead of schedule. In the video/tweet, his ankle flexion looked great, even though his gait was a bit tentative. Totally normal after just ditching the cast. Brad Stevens head gear was terrific. Talk about bravery.

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Photo via Steven Senne/AP