Video: Is Boston the favorite in the East if Kyrie leaves the Cavs?

The way some analysts are talking, the turmoil currently besetting the Cleveland Cavaliers has already opened a path to the 2018 NBA Finals for the Boston Celtics, should the team trade away star point guard Kyrie Irving.

However, we're not even certain anyone currently on the Cavs' roster will be traded, and even if Irving does manage to get himself shipped to another team, there's no guarantee the Cavs will just lie down and let Boston waltz into the finals. That said, if Kyrie does leave, where does that leave the Celtics in the East? Are they the favorites to go to the finals, or are there other things to consider? Watch this video from CSNNE's A. Sherrod Blakely to get an idea of some of the things worth considering on this issue.

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Video: CSNNE
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