Celtics hire new head athletic trainer to replace Ed Lacerte, Bryan Doo

Whenever nearly a half-century of experience walks away from an organization, it's perfectly reasonable to worry a bit.

That's what happened when athletic trainers Ed Lacerte (30 years experience with the team) and Bryan Doo (14 years) decided to call it a day after last season, uninterested in taking on a reduced role with the team, setting off concern over who might replace them. The Boston Celtics, for their part, were seeking to modernize their athletic training regime to keep up with other teams around the league doing the same, and have done so now by bringing on Horne.

To that end, the organization has hired a new head athletic trainer in one Art Horne, who holds a MEd (a specific type of Master's Degree) in Human Movement from Boston University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training and Physical Education from Canisius. He has worked both as a trainer and then Director of Sports Performance for Northeastern University for over a decade before joining the Atlanta Hawks as their head athletic trainer two years ago.

He is also a certified Nike SPARQ Trainer, a designation he's held for a half-decade now and probably a major part of why he was hired. For more on SPARQ training, read here, or watch the video linked below. If you'd like to read more about his training philosophy, check out this interview he did for StrengthPowerSpeed back in 2014, where he speaks about the benefits of integrating medical and athletic training techniques.

Welcome to Boston, Art!

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