Brian Scalabrine drops a hilarious diss track on Toucher & Rich

As part of Toucher & Rich's Celebrity 98 Mile, obviously a play off 8 Mile, Brian Scalabrine dropped a diss track on 98.5 The Sports Hub and the hosts of all of their daytime shows:

Although Scal sounds every bit a big goofy non-rapper he actually did a really good job at times, particularly on the chorus, keeping the appropriate cadence over the old Ludacris track (What's Your Fantasy). I'm not sure there's anyone in New England, especially Celtics fans and basketball fans in general, who doesn't like hearing Felger & Mazz getting the business since I'm still not entirely sure either of them has ever watched a basketball game yet they are always full of ridiculous takes on the C's.

So the 98 Mile competetion has been going on a few years at The Sports Hub. It's included show hosts and celebrity guests facing off against one another and then voted on through Twitter. Scalabrine's opponent was former New England Patriots receiver Wes Welker, who's track I haven't been able to find online just yet.

You can vote for our boy Scal by retweeting this Tweet (he's currently trailing by about 50 votes):

But I do encourage you to go and listen to Welker's track too if you can find it - it's funny too.

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