Celtics stand pat, make no deals

The Pacers wanted too much for Paul George and the Bulls wanted to gut the Celtics team for Jimmy Butler, so in the end there was no blockbuster. A little more surprising was the fact that there wasn't even a minor deal. C's will roll with what they have and maybe pick up a player who will likely be bought out (Bogut for example).

While it would have been awesome to add a Butler or George, it's not like they were traded elsewhere and we just lost out. It takes two to deal. The only guy guy that got away today that I do question why we didn't acquire was Nerlens Noel. Unless the 76ers really love Justin Anderson, he was practically given away. Would have been a nice addition in Boston.

According to Brian Scalabrine on the Vertical's Trade Deadline show the Celtic really like Markelle Fultz, so asking Ainge to give up a shot at him and then also throw in guys like Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley, and Jae Crowder in a deal is too much. My ideal scenario this summer for the Celtic is us getting the #1 pick, drafting Fultz and then signing Gordon Hayward. 2nd most ideal scenario would be getting the #2 pick and trading up for Fultz (and then signing Hayward). Basically just add us those two this summer Danny and no will ever mention today's deadline again. Sounds fair right?