Toronto loads up, ditches former Celtic Jared Sullinger for PJ Tucker

The Toronto Raptors are going all-in, having traded ex- Boston Celtic big man Jared Sullinger and a pair of second-round picks for Phoenix Suns wing PJ Tucker.

Sullinger, who was looked at as potentially a starter for the Raptors, had found himself on the outside of the rotation looking in after a predictable foot injury and subsequent inconsistent play forced Toronto to look elsewhere. Perhaps sensing weakness in the Cleveland Cavaliers after LeBron James' recent gripes over a playmaker and injuries to Kevin Love and JR Smith, first snatched up a potential Boston target in Serge Ibaka, then sniped another rumored target in Tucker.

Many Boston fans are unhappy with these kinds of moves going on while big names stay pat and Boston seemingly disinterested in gunning for a finals showdown with roster tinkering, but several players - including Andrew Bogut, Terrence Jones, and maybe even Larry Sanders - might be available for signing once they clear waivers (or, in the case of Sanders, make a good enough impression).

It's still too early to judge the results of the trade deadline with moving parts still shaking loose, but for now at least, it seems like Danny Ainge and company have their sights set on long-term stability over short-term gains.

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Photo via Rick Scuteri/Associated Press
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