We just can't stop making fun of the Nets...

Yesterday, the Nets held a press conference to introduce their offseason signings, which for their fans must've been about the saddest thing ever.  This tweet probably didn't help:

Let's start with the hashtag: How stupid do they think people are?  I can't imagine anyone could read that and take it seriously (check the tweet replies for a good laugh).  Who on Brooklyn's PR team actually thought #WeCameToPlay was a good idea?

A few more appropriate alternatives:

In regards to that last one, good luck coming up with all their first names, even with the jerseys in the picture.

Moving on to the photo itself, how happy does [Trevor?] Booker look to be there?  And what is going on with Jeremy Lin's hair?

My favorite part about this whole situation is that the Celtics had a similarly depressing press conference/photo opp three years ago...

...and that's the reason why this is happening to the Nets now.

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