Celtics now a long shot for East's No. 3 seed, but No. 4 looking very promising

After last night's 11-point loss to the Atlanta Hawks, the Celtics' chances at landing the No. 3 seed are a lot less probable. Currently sitting in 4th place, Boston finds itself just a half game ahead the Miami Heat and a full game in front of the Charlotte Hornets.

In order to lock up the 4 seed all the Celtics need to do is beat the Heat. Another way for Boston to clinch 4th place could come by a Miami loss, and a Celtic win over Charlotte tomorrow. 

Look, as a Celtic fan, of course I want to lock up
the 3 seed, but finishing in 4th place could have it's perks.

Because a championship in 2016 is essentially off of the table, the best possible outcome for this year's playoffs is that the Celtics can show a star free-agent that the team is 1 player away from being a serious title contender. 

Let's say Boston makes it into the second round and loses to Toronto in six games...Do you think that's going to get Kevin Durant to believe in the C's? Probably not. The Celtics would have less trouble convincing a max player to come to Boston if they can give LeBron James the series of a lifetime. If the Celtics finish in fourth place they get the blessing (in disguise) of playing the Cavaliers in the second round. 

With all of this being said, the Celtics look to finish strong at home against Charlotte on Monday and Miami on Wednesday.

I don't know about you, but I would be ecstatic to play Cleveland in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Bring it on LBJ.

Top Photo: (Via Twitter/ @Celtics)
Bottom Photo: Ken Blaze-USA Today Sports