Celtics hold on to record home winning season

With the Warriors defeating the Spurs in San Antonio today (after the Celtics helped themselves by beating the Warriors on their West Coast trip), now neither team will finish the year with a perfect 41-0 record at home. That would have broken the record 40-1 season set by the Boston Celtics during the 1985-86 campaign. Counting the playoffs the Celtics went 50-1 at home that year.

After we beat the Warriors at the Oracle, I had tonight's game circled on my calendar. Also, due to our win vs the Warriors (and their subsequent loss to Minny), they needed to win this game to finish with 73 wins. They play the injury raddled Grizzlies in Oakland to end the season, so they should get there. But the Celtics were not erased from the record books. The Garden in 1986 will still be known as the toughest place for an opposing team to have to play at.

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