Terry Rozier thinks Celtics fans will love him

Terry Rozier heard the reaction of Boston fans when he was drafted. He knows it wasn't a roar of approval of fans welcoming him to the team. He is aware that fans were perhaps expecting a name they were more familiar with, or even a trade that gave them someone they were coveting. Rozier is not worried about that initial reaction, and as the Boston Herald's Steve Bulpett wrote, he is predicting they will eventually fall in love with him.

You never want to hear your name get booed, but it’s fine. I’m not going to let it bother me because I know what type of guy I am. I know the fans are going to end up falling in love with me and how I play the game

Rozier also seems to understand the point of view of the fans, and while he wants to make the fifteen teams that passed on him regret it, he wants to make the Celtics and Danny Ainge feel the opposite.

I give 110 percent, and that’s in practice and every game and everything. So I think those boos will turn around to be yeas. That’s my goal. I know the people here are serious about their basketball, and I am, too. I think it will all turn out fine

Ainge is fully confident in him, and based on the final two games of his summer league that featured a highlight crossover on Pat Connaughton, a clutch final minute performance vs. Portland that sealed a win (and saw him score 7 points in the final 36 seconds), and a 3 pointer to tie San Antonio with 2.5 seconds left that was nullified by a Spurs buzzer beater.

His defense has been a bright spot the entire summer league, as well as his pushing the basketball. While attacking the hoop more than our other guards, he rarely seems out of control, and when stopped it seems he is always finding someone in the corner for a 3 point attempt.

I think Rozier is right. He certainly looks like he belongs on an NBA court, and I'm excited to see what he is capable of when he does.

Photo Credit: Angela Rowlings

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