Kendrick Perkins signs with the Pelicans

In baseball a catcher can be a mediocre hitter, but still make it to the majors with above-average defensive talent.

It seems like aging big men in the NBA are becoming that equivalent. If you can grab the occasional rebound, and use all your fouls with force, the NBA is the place for you.

The prime example of this is Kendrick Perkins, who looked liked he was playing his way out of the league last season. But size is always a hot commodity in the league, as was the case on Tuesday when the 12-year veteran inked a deal with the New Orleans Pelicans:

According to Stein, Perk's deal is for the vets minimum. It's still not a bad deal for a guy that averaged 2.6 points and grabbed 2.4 rebounds, in 17 games last year as a Cleveland Cavalier.

Keep getting those checks Perk!

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