Retiring the 'Another (player position)?!' commentary

On the heels of an outstanding summer performance that saw him being ranked by an writer as one of the top performers in Vegas, Jordan Mickey got the richest contract ever signed by a second round pick ever. While the majority of Celtics fans - at least the crazy ones who watch the summer league - was rejoice, there was a minority of fans who shared an all-too familiar negative narrative:

Just what this teams needs, another undersized power forward

Let's put aside the fact that at 6 foot 8 that Jordan Mickey is just about the average height for an NBA power forward, and with a 7 foot 3 inch wing span he's certainly long enough to log minutes at center in the "new NBA." Let's focus in on the crust of the commentary; annoyance at roster repetition. Because similar complaints were logged after acquiring Rozier, Amir and David Lee as well.

You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who thinks that this Celtics roster is a 'completed roster.' In fact, by virtue of currently employing 16 players with guaranteed-contracts we know that even the Celtics own front office doesn't see it that way. And even past exceeding the maximum roster spots allowed at beginning of the season we know by the constant tinkering and pots on the boiler that Chef Danny doesn't either.

It's not hard to understand why, either. Despite a surprising 2015 season the Boston Celtics are by no means a contender. And short of being able to secure a top 5 player they won't be anytime soon.

That's why the name of the game is talent acquisition. Acquiring as many good players as possible, regardless of roster fit or need in an effort to upgrade the roster. Either through major moves like how the Rockets acquired James Harden, or minor ones like Isaiah Thomas that could potentially help us get there.

Even past the idea of being in talent acquisition mode, it's comical to think about what this crowd thinks we might be missing out - As if a 6 foot 8 scoring wing with a 3 point shot and a versatile defensive game is somehow readily available. Or better yet, that 7 foot athletic rim protector we've all been waiting for, dying to be discovered if Danny Ainge was just willing to venture into the swamps of Louisiana a la Nick Nolte in the movie 'Blue Chips.'

So if you would, a proposal - Let's retire the 'another (position)' commentary. If you don't like a draft pick, free agent or trade, explain who'd you rather have. 'Why pick Rozier when Sam Dekker's available?' not 'Another point guard?!' So, not 'Another power forward' but 'Why trade for Lee before the summer ends? Wallace's contract could be more valuable if we wait.'