Rajon Rondo leaves game after dangerous head injury

In Dallas' Saturday night game against the Magic, Rajon Rondo's head was on the receiving end of Richard Jefferson's knee. The brutal contact left Rondo bleeding on the court:

Rondo was quickly attended to by medical staff. He exited the game with a bloody towel over his face under his own power.

The Star-Telegram reports teammate Dirk Nowitzki expressed concern over the apparent injury:

"I didn’t see the whole thing, but then I saw the replay and it looked completely ugly," said Dirk Nowitzki, who finished with 11 points in the Mavs’ 108-93 triumph over Orlando. "I saw RJ [Richard Jefferson] even has a bruise on his knee, so that tells you how hard, unfortunately, he hit him."

"But he’s a tough kid, so the docs will check him out and then we’ll go from there. But that was as hard of a hit as I’ve seen in this league."

No update has been given on Rondo's status yet.

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