Sully slims down. Will it help? "Only time will tell"

According to ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg Jared Sullinger slimmed down in recent weeks:

"Maybe. I can't tell you everything, but maybe," a trimmer-looking Sullinger offered when asked if he'd dropped any weight this offseason.

The eye test seems to suggest a more fit Sullinger, but the coy player only acknowledged that he's in a better place now further removed from the back surgery that stunted his rookie season and erased the offseason before his sophomore campaign.

Sullinger expressed a desire to improve his conditioning with the goal of maintaining his production in the fourth quarter of games. But he's realistic when asked if he thinks that will happen this season.

"Only time will tell, said Sullinger. "Playing with a 24-second shot clock, going through training camp, going through games, back-to-backs, only time will tell. I can't really commit to that statement until December.
Courtesy Chris Forsberg / ESPN
Sully on meeting offseason goals thus far:

"Not all the way, but still pushing towards them."

On any weight or conditioning goals for training camp:

"Me and [strength and conditioning coach Bryan Doo] have an understanding, so there you go."

Sully promised that he'll be better than the start of camp last season as rehab from disc surgery had left him tentative.

"[Last summer] they shut me down," said Sullinger. "I couldn't play until Stemptember. Full-blown basketball with contact, playing 1-on-1, things like that so I was kind of behind the 8-ball and stayed behind the 8-ball. This year, I'm in front of the 8-ball right now, hopefully going to hit the corner pocket so we'll see."

What to expect from Jared Sullinger this year:

"Nothing different," said Sullinger. "The biggest thing is to win. Last year was tough. We lost a lot of games and I know a lot of those guys on the team and the coaching staff, we are not used to losing like that. I think we are trying to change the culture."

Honestly, I don't think Sully looks much slimmer in the picture and embedded video. That being said, his clothes are baggy per usual and neither the picture nor the video are great evidence to begin with. Nevertheless, it would be great for the Celtics if Jared slimmed down and gained a step for the 2014-2015 season.