Sullinger on Turner: "He's all about winning. That's his main goal" -
“Everybody is down on (Turner) because of how the ‘trade’ happened and what happened in the trade and how Indiana played,” Sullinger said. “People misunderstand Evan. He’s a great basketball player, a great teammate. I’ve known him for years. He’s all about winning. That’s his main goal.”

I admit that I initially was leaning way more on the "...nnnNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" side of things when I heard Evan Turner was going to sign with the Celtics. All summer long I was refreshing Twitter to see the latest on The Summer of Love. Here's a snippet of the conversation your boy was having with himself for all of July.

"Did we get Kev?"  "No."
"Did we get Kev?"  "No."
"Did we get someone who could lead to Boston getting Kev?"  "No."
"Oh we signed Evan Turner?"  "Of course we did."

Since the big signing of KG and Ray Ray back in ought-seven, virtually every flyer the Celtics have taken on a "value signing" has ended with me saying, "ooooooof course."

  • Hey we signed Shaq! Oh he got hurt and can't contribute down the stretch. Of course. 
  • Hey we signed Starbury! Oh he's a maniac and is focused on launching a webcam show and he's eating paste or something now? Of course. 
  • Hey we signed Leandro Barbosa! Oh he's injecting energy off the bench and is one of my favorite parts of the season and whoops he tore his ACL into a million little pieces. Of course. 
  • Hey we signed Jordan Crawford and Celtics Nation just came down with a case of the STEEEEEZ oh he's on Golden State now. Of course. 
  • Hey we signed Mikki Moore! The snake man! Oh a snake just fell out of my ceiling and I have to move. Of course.

Jared Sullinger seems pretty happy that his buddy from THE Ohio State is on the Celtics, so I'm willing to forego my standard response to see what exactly happens once he actually gets signed to this team. If it goes well, I've already got my nickname for the duo: The Ohio Gang.

The Ohio Gang were the inner circle of President Warren G. Harding. I'll spare you the full history lesson and just hit you off with this quote from former Attorney General of the United States Harry Daugherty.

"...I was a true son of Ohio, the battle ground of the Nation. I frankly confess to a leadership in the so-called 'Ohio Gang' for about forty years. On the lips of rival politicians the 'Ohio Gang' is an epithet. I wear its badge as a mark of honor."

The name of my gang on the lips of my enemies is a curse word. That's big boss talk right there. That means you're doing something right.

Eventually they were all caught up in the Teapot Dome scandal and most of them went to jail, but whatever! How sick is that name?! The Ohio Gang?! Put it on a tee shirt with a shamrock and we'll be printing money on Causeway Street.

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